Where Laughter is the Rule

Where Laughter is the Rule

They say that if you are fortunate in life you find ‘work’ that makes you happy. This is true but I think that if you are REALLY lucky what you find is the group of people that make the journey of a 6:00am alarm clock worth traveling: the passengers alongside you who are overjoyed to celebrate your successes but who also aren’t afraid to hop in the mud and flop around with you. To grow and change with those who deepen our sense of purpose and help us laugh- well this is about as close to perfection as we can come. ❤ ElenaBear

One thought on “Where Laughter is the Rule

  1. You have captured such an incredible moment here brown bear! It’s so rare to find a community as loving and supportive as this one in a career that has stood the test of time. Nicely done!

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